Diamond Bruting Wheel
Vitrified Diamond Bruting Wheel

We are the leading Indian manufacturer of Vitrified diamond wheels. Our Vitrified Diamond wheels (Diamond Bruting Wheels) have superior performance and efficiency than the conventional vitrified wheels. Since Diamond Bruting is a very sensitive process, 'Supreme' has developed a spectrum of 14 grades of diamond grinding discs that cater to different types and size of stones. Bruting applications starting from rough to the final stage is fulfilled under one or more of our grades.

 Our vitrified brutting wheels have zero breakage or chipping and at the same time give maximum cutting rate. In terms of Wheel life, Supreme's Diamond Bruting Wheels have a relatively longer life than its counterparts, both in local as well as international markets. In case of stones with cavities and crystals, Bruting can often propagate the crystal into a bigger crystal or create a crack in the stone. As a result of inhouse R&D over the years, our Vitrified Diamond Bruting Wheels produce a uniform cutting rate in that no defects are propagated further in the stones during the rough or final bruting stage.

Final Bruting is one area of Diamond Cutting and Polishing which requires extremely high precision. Our Final Bruting Wheels can be used both in smaller as well as bigger stones for a smooth bruting with zero breaking or chipping.