Diamond Girdle Wheel
Resin Bond Diamond Girdle Wheel

Over the years Supreme has developed more than 40 grades of Diamond Girdle Wheels (resin bond).  Our resin bond diamond wheels can be used in various industries that require high efficiency and better performance with regards to CUT and POLISH.  These 40 grades include the softest resin bond wheels to extremely hard wheels that cater to the specific needs.

The 'Girdle' of smallest diamonds manufactured in the world has been polished using Supreme's Diamond Girdle Wheel (Resin Bond). With its superlative finish and polishing nature, the Girdle polishing wheel creates sharp edged girdle at the same time giving a mirror finish and deffect-free girdle. One of the main advantage of the Girdles polished with our wheels is that, the there are no defects when observed under 40x. A well polished Girdle improves the luster of diamond by 15 to 20% as compared to a rough girdle or a poorly polished girdle.